2019 Show Schedule

The Wilmington Boat Show Battleship Splash Wild Card

DockDogs is the World’s Premiere Canine Aquatics competition. We welcome any breed, mix, or size to come out and jump! DockDogs has multiple disciplines where canine athletes will try and achieve DockDogs Glory! Canine Athletes will compete in Big Air, which is the “long jump” for dogs; Speed Retrieve, the timed swim event; and Extreme Vertical, the “high jump” for dogs. This event being held at Battleship Park and presented by The Wilmington Boat Show will be a last chance qualifier for the 20th Anniversary DockDogs World Championships! We welcome all skill levels to come out and join the DockDogs family!

Friday, September 6th

  • Onsite Registration/Practice – 9am
  • Big Air WAVE #1 – 10am
  • Big Air WAVE #2 – 12pm
  • Big Air WAVE #3 – 2pm
  • Big Air WAVE #4 – 4pm
  • Big Air WAVE #5 – 6pm

Saturday, September 7th

  • Onsite Registration/Practice – 9am
  • Big Air WAVE #6 – 10am
  • Big Air WAVE #7 – 12pm
  • Big Air WAVE #8 – 2pm
  • Big Air WAVE #9 – 4pm
  • Extreme Vertical – 6pm

Sunday, September 8th

  • Onsite Registration/Practice – 8am
  • Big Air WAVE #10 – 9am
  • Big Air WAVE #11 – 11pm
  • Big Air WAVE #12 – 1pm
  • Speed Retrieve (all in one finals) – 3pm
  • Big Air Finals – 5pm

Battleship North Carolina
1 Battleship Road

Captain Lee Parsons

Speckled Trout Fishing
Saturday 4pm-5pm

Understanding Fishing Factors…Tide, Water Clarity, Bottom When Inshore Fishing
Saturday 1:30-2:30

Captain Lee Parsons is one of the true “Legends of Saltwater Fishing” with over 50 years of fishing experience. A Wilmington, NC Native, he is among the most sought after fishing guides in both Carolinas. He is an expert in light tackle fishing and a well known seminar speaker due to his knowledge of Redfish, Speckled Trout and Flounder fishing.

Captain Tim Wilson

Kids Fishing Seminar
Saturday 12:15-1:15

Fall Fishing for Spanish Mackerel
Sunday 11:45-12:45

Tim is writer, founder and publisher of Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine. For a number of years he operated an inshore guide service out of Carolina and Wrightsville Beach, NC. He also served as the regional editor of Sportfishing Magazine. He is a well known boating and fishing expert with over 20 years experience.

Captain Grant Carver

Light Tackle Fishing with Plastics
Saturday 2:45-3:45

Grant is a light tackle fishing guide in the Topsail Beach, NC area. He specializes in Flounder, Redfish and Speckled Trout. He is well known as a plastic baits specialist. He is also well known for his experience in fishing in the colder months for Stripers and Black Drum.

Captain Eris Jones

Fishing for Kings and Mahi Like a Champion
Saturday 11am-Noon

Captain Eris Jones is a lifelong North Carolina native. A few years ago Eris left his career as an E.M.T. and plunged head first into his fishing career. In 2015 he won the SKA National Championship. Today he is one of the most well known seminar speakers in the Carolinas and operates “Backlash Fishing Charters” from Sneads Ferry, NC while competing on multiple Kingfishing circuits.

Captain Rennie Clark

Topwater Redfishing
Sunday 1pm-2pm

Captain Rennie Clark is a well known Carolina’s fishing guide and competitor and winner on the Elite Redfish Tournament Trail. He is also the host of his own fishing podcast. In May of 2018, Rennie became the host of “The Coastal Carolina Fishing Experience” fishing show. He is also one of the most active and sought after speakers and seminar instructors in the Carolinas.

Captain Jim Sabella

The Art of Bottom Fishing
Sunday 2:15-3:15

Jim is one of the Coastal Carolinas’ most prominent bottom fishing anglers. He’s known for his effective tactics for offshore anchoring and rigging. Jim has been the speaker at many fishing seminars along the Carolina Coast. Jim’s experience brings advice on bottom fishing gear and tactics that have proven to make him one the effective anglers in the region.

Captain Von Hall

Nearshore Fishing for Spanish, King and More
Sunday 3:30-4:30

Von has been fishing the Carolina Coast since a young child. He specializes in both inshore and nearshore fishing targeting species like King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and Mahi. He operates American Boat Charters, which is a full service guide service out of Wrightsville Beach. Von is also becoming known as one of the most popular fishing seminar speakers in the area.

Coastal Carolina Fisherman Young Anglers Seminar

The Coastal Carolina Fisherman Young Anglers Seminar is designed to provide fishing education to kids between the ages of 6 to 13 years of age with parents welcome to attend. The event will feature instructors from multiple groups like the Cape Fear Power Squadron, The Coastal Conservations Association of North Carolina and the Get-Em-On Live Bait Fishing Club of Carolina Beach. The seminar will consist of 2 segments such as the Junior Angler segment taught by Captain Ray Dixon is a well known contributing angler with the Coastal Carolina Fisherman online magazine. He will cover topics such as:

– Fish hook safety
– The parts of a fishing rod and reel
– Holding the fishing rod properly
– The art of casting
– Knowing when to hook the fish
– Fishing conservation

Another segment will address water safety. This includes safety steps both on and off the boat that includes like, knowing the correct way to put on a life jacket and how to exercise safety around boat docks and other locations near the water’s edge.

Parking at Battleship Park will be available with access to the Wilmington Boat Show by way of the Wilmington Water Taxi. The seminar can also be accessed by water taxi from the Pier at the boat show to the Battleship Park.

**The event is FREE and each child will receive a Rod and Reel at the end of the seminar. Each child will also be eligible for other great prizes.

Date – Sunday, September 8, 2019
Time – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Location – Battleship Park-Meet at the Waterside Shelter


The Cross Creek Band is a critically acclaimed acoustic duo from the Cross Creek region of Hampstead, NC that provides creative acoustic duo renditions of an entertaining mix of cover songs from a wide variety of genres and eras such as classic rock, modern rock, reggae, country, hip-hop/R&B, classic television theme songs, singalongs, and much more. Cross Creek Band is known for fun and versatile performances that may even feature costume changes &/or “special guests”.

Wilmington Boat Show VIP Preview and Party
Thursday, September 5, 6pm-9pm
Located in “The Boatyard” by Marina Grill

Jolly Mon Jams

Jolly Mon Jams based in Wilmington NC, is a steel drum performer with 40 years of music experience. Bill Willetts starting off with brass instruments in high school and college and has honorary seats with the McDonalds All Star Band and the US Navy Band. He is self-taught on the steel drums, “pans” as they are called in the Caribbean, which has long been one of his passions. Today they incorporate “tropical rock” music into their performances like Buffett, Chesney, Zac Brown and even some Beatles and Bob Dylan for good measure! Jolly Mon got its name from a Caribbean folk tale of a musician in the islands that drowned but was saved by dolphins to continue to bring happy music to the people.

Wilmington Boat Show
Friday, September 6th, Noon -5:30pm
Located in “The Boatyard” by Marina Grill


Two of a Kind remains one of the most popular acoustic duos in southeast North Carolina. With both Dave and Beau singing, playing guitar and bass, they provide an almost limitless variety of classics and contemporary songs from pop, rock, country, standards and even TV theme songs!

Wilmington Boat Show
Saturday, September 7th , 11am-5:30pm
Located in “The Boatyard” by Marina Grill


The Earth Cruisers Duo is a dynamic acoustic duo from the coastal Cape Fear region of North Carolina that provides acoustic duo renditions of an entertaining mix of cover songs from classic rock, folk, funk, reggae, and more.

Wilmington Boat Show
Sunday, September 8th , 11am-4:30pm
Located in “The Boatyard” by Marina Grill


Attention all Scallywags and Wenches (and all those in between)!
 Captain Jack and his crew will be setting their course for the Wilmington Boat Show! Come out and see Captain Jack Sparrow as he makes Wilmington his port for the weekend! Hold on to your wallets, hide the rum, and keep your wenches close as you take pictures with Captain Jack and his crew of miscreants. There will be lots of pillaging, plundering, and perhaps a hijacking or two! Mark your calendars and set sail for the Wilmington Boat Show! See you there, mates!

Saturday & Sunday
Wherever you can find them!

Mermaid Oracle

The mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where no human hand has touched, is where Mermaid Oracle calls home. She is called ‘Oracle’ for her magical gifts of foretelling the future and wise guidance, but her ocean friends call her Ori. Foretelling the future of the polluted seas and its impact on ocean-life and mankind alike, Mermaid Ori set out on a daring mission to swim to the surface and make contact with the humans, to teach them about the importance of keeping the oceans clean. When Ori popped her head above water she saw a giant pirate ship, with humans, sailing across the water. Swimming in slowly for a closer look, she quickly dodged what appeared to have been a bottle thrown overboard by the Captain on the deck! Overcome by her frustration, Ori grabbed the floating bottle and threw it back, hitting the Captain in the back of the head before it hit the wooden deck in a ‘thud’. He spun around to see a very angry mermaid staring back at him, and ordered his crew to catch her with their nets! As they hoisted the mermaid up, and onto their ship, the Captain became entranced by her beauty and quickly cut her loose from the nets. She explained her mission to the Captain, and asked him to take her along on his journeys to meet as many humans as possible, so she could get their help in saving the oceans. Caring for the ocean deeply, himself, the Captain agreed to help. And so, Mermaid Ori sails around from port to port with the Captain, sharing in his adventures and spreading her message of ocean conservation to every wonderful human she meets!

DreamWeaver Face Painting

Face painting at the Wilmington Boat Show!

Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 11am-4pm
Located in the Convention Center Lobby