2021 Show Schedule

Carolina Catch

There’s no limit to the fun!  Catch-and-release fishing is a great way to introduce you to the fun of fishing.  Whether it’s the first time, or the umpteenth time…the magic never goes away when the rod starts bending.  You will not want to miss the fun at the Wilmington Boat Show!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Cape Fear Community College Wilson Lot

NC Wildlife

Friday and Sunday
Located in Wilson Lot by “Carolina Catch”

Educating attendees the real value of fishing licenses concerning the conservation work and access to
fishing they provide for, clarification on fishing regulations in inland and joint waters, helping them find fishing access points conveniently located, sharing upcoming fishing events, and answer any and all questions related to wildlife or human wildlife interactions. Come join the fun with our interactive backyard bass casting game!

Capt. Jerry Dilsaver

Inshore Saltwater Fishing (Flounder, Red Drum and Speckled Trout): 

Saturday – 12:30 pm and Sunday – 12:00 Noon
Meeting Rooms 103/104

This is the seminar for fishermen looking to improve their catching for the inshore saltwater species of flounder, red drum and speckled trout.  Captain Dilsaver will mention other species, such as black drum, but the emphasis is on locating and catching more flatfish, puppy drum and specks.

This seminar will offer suggestions on rods, reels, lines, terminal tackle, baits and lures for the big three inshore saltwater species.  It will also cover locations to find these fish, and tips on bait and lure presentations, how wind, tides and the moon phase affect fishing and how to use these to your advantage.  Some information will be general and some will be species specific.  Fishermen will leave this seminar with knowledge to help them catch more flounder, red drum and speckled trout.

Nearshore Ocean Fishing for King Mackerel:

Saturday – 2:00 pm and Sunday – 3:00 pm
Meeting Rooms 103/104

King mackerel are considered everyman’s game fish by many fishermen and this presentation will cover several techniques to catch more and larger king mackerel.  This was Captain Dilsaver’s tournament specialty and his years of experience and in-depth knowledge will help aspiring king mackerel fishermen shorten their learning curve.

This seminar will offer suggestions on rods, reels, lines, rigs, baits and more for catching more and larger king mackerel.  It will also cover locations to find kings and offer numerous tips on how to convince them to hit your baits.  Regardless of whether your goal is to fill your limit or catch a tournament winning king, you will leave this seminar with a good basic understanding of how to get it done.

Capt. Jerry Dilsaver is from Southport-Oak Island, N.C. and learned to fish in the nearshore ocean and creeks of the lower Cape Fear River.  He began fishing as youngster with his dad and uncles and it inspired a passion that continues today.  He has fished recreationally, commercially, and as a tournament competitor.  In addition, he has written about the outdoors, particularly fishing, for 35 years. For more information about Jerry please check out www.captjerry.com

Captain Adam Wagner

“Women on the Water”
Saturday: 2:30pm
Meeting Room 102

Ladies, take the helm during MarineMax Wrightsville Beach’s Women on Water Seminar. Experience a unique hands-on class designed to get women behind the wheel and confident on the water. Learn to tie proper knots, rules of the water, how to dock the boat safely, boat operation and handling and more.

Emmett Stovall

“Maintenance Matters”

Saturday – 3:30pm
Meeting Rooms 103/104

Preventative measures and tips to prolong the longevity of your marine outboard.

Born and raised in Wilmington, NC, Emmet has been around boats and the water his entire life. Marine Warehouse Center was started by his father in 1983, so the marine business is in his blood. He also has a strong mechanical background and decades of experience with marine outboards and maintenance. 

Craig Sutton

Shallow Water Kingfishing Tricks and Tactics

Saturday 11:00 am
Meeting Rooms 103/104

Bimini Twist: How to make and why you need it.
Australian / FG Knot: Braid to Mono connection.
Snell Knots, or why your circle hookset fails.
Albright Knot: Bimini to Wire without snap swivel (less metal for clear water fishing)
Make your downrigger and weight the star of your spread
Ultimate Ribbon Fish Rig: The Kingfisherman’s secret weapon
Kingfish Rig Tips: wire rigs, leader setup
Proper Gaff Technique


Make your Boat a fish-catching machine

Sunday 1:30pm
Meeting Rooms 103/104

Engine tuning (throttle plate adjustment, clean plugs and oil, eliminate prop chatter)
Ship-Shape defined: Tight bolts, vibration dampening
Outriggers: Putting the ‘angle’ in angler.
Speed specific trolling to target species.
Clean-up your spread. Less metal = more fish.


Craig is the founder of FishingNosara, the most active sportfishing team in Central America. He has built and refitted six sportfishing boats for the fleet in Costa Rica, and the new Fishtastic which operates out of Jacksonville, FL.

His areas of expertise are blue water fishing, cockpit layout, and custom fiberglass work. His innovative designs have been incorporated by Eduardono Boats in their next line of panga sportfishing hulls. In 2021 he placed third in the Division 5 SKA Series.

Alan DeForest, FSO-PE

Introduction to Basic Boating Safety

Sunday 11:00am
Meeting Rooms 103/104

The Introduction to Basic Boating Safety Seminar was developed as a result of a
request from Ski boat manufacturers and a local boat dealer to deliver a short and
concise presentation to their customers with little to no background or training in
Boating Safety. It has been widely given by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary over
the past several years.

USCG AUXILIARY, Flotilla 10-06, Wilmington, NC

Mr. DeForest is a retired engineer and auxiliary member since 2012. His boating
experience includes cruising and racing a variety of sailboats on lakes, Erie and
Ontario since the late seventies to 2006 when he relocated to Wilmington, NC.
The nature of the waters of the Cape Fear region led him to power boating and
was recruited into the USCG Auxiliary after attending the About Boating Safely
class taught by Flotilla 10-06.

Musician Randy McQuay II

Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

“He is a storyteller, Bluesman, and a master interpreter of modern American roots music. Randy McQuay II sings from the heart, plays guitar with abandon, and blows harmonica like he’s from another planet. He’s the 2015 Winner of The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, recipient of the prestigious Lee Oskar Top Harmonica Player Award from The Blues Foundation, a Finalist performer at the 2017 IBC and the reigning Cape Fear Blues Challenge Solo Champion. Randy performs throughout the Carolinas and he’s a sought-after soloist, nationally known for his evocative takes on rhythm & blues, folk, rock & roll, funk, and roots music.”

-Lan Nichols President, Cape Fear Blues Society

The Qualified Captain

Located inside the Convention Center

The Qualified Captain™ started in 2016 based out of the North Carolina coast.

During a long workday out on the water, we regularly saw clueless acts from uneducated boaters who would refuse any help or advice. This led us to create an Instagram page that highlighted these incidents. A place where the rest of the world could laugh along with us and hold boaters accountable.

With the rapid growth of our fans, and the amazing design work for our merchandise, we decided to expand our business. We are proud to be known worldwide on Instagram as a clothing brand, and the number one social media influencer in the marine industry. 

As we grow, we look forward to working with others to help educate boaters and continue building a brand that represents why ALL mariners love the water.

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