2017 Show Schedule

Hook the Future Kids’ Fishing Clinics

Presented by Captain Don Dingman

Captain Don will teach children how to catch anything a grown up can with the right tackle.  This interactive clinic will not only educate your children on safety, it will teach them the joy of fishing.

Every child who attends will receive a FREE rod and reel along with other great prizes from Capt. Don!

Saturday 11:30am and 2:30pm
Sunday 12:30pm and 2:30pm

Located in Ward Room on the Battleship Main Deck
Enter through the Battleship Visitors Center

Learn more about Captain Don and Hook the Future

Wilmington Water Tours – Water Taxi

The best way to enjoy the entire show, from The Shell to Battleship Park and back. Experience a FREE ride on the water between locations.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Captain Jack Sparrow, Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Attention all Scallywags and Wenches (and all those in between)!
Captain Jack and his ladies will be setting their course for the Wilmington Boat Show on September 9th and 10th! Come out and see Captain Jack Sparrow, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read as they make Wilmington their port for the weekend!Hold on to your wallets, hide the rum, and keep your wenches close as you take pictures with Captain Jack and his crew. There will be lots of pillaging, plundering, and perhaps a hijacking or two! Mark your calendars and set sail for the Wilmington Boat Show!
See you there, mates!

Donnie Osborne is a cosplayer and Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator. He has been entertaining folks as Captain Jack for more than 10 years. He has made a guest appearance at The Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World as Captain Jack, met several of the Pirates of the Caribbean cast members, including Johnny Depp himself.

Before becoming Captain Jack, Donnie was in the Air Force and later in Law Enforcement. Being a disabled veteran, he turned to cosplay and creating art as a way to spend his free time. It’s a pirates life for him!

Saturday and Sunday
Wherever you can find them!

“Fish Finding From Space” – Using satellite services to hunt fish

Presented by Captain Dave Tilley

“Fish Finding From Space” – Using satellite services to hunt fish

Captain Dave Tilley, Captain of the Wild Rover III is an offshore fisherman, computer geek, owner and operator of SaltwaterCentral.com.  “Offshore Fishing Tools”, “ReelCast”, “WaveCast” and “Bluewater Supermap”.  He has been fishing pretty much his entire life and this is where he finds his place in this world.Visit his website at www.saltwatercentral.com

Friday at  3:30pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104


"Angling Basics"

Presented by Bryan Rice

Balsax Fishing Line Pro Staff, BFL NC and Piedmont Regional Tournament Angler, competing since 1999, Instructor on Basic Bass Fishing, Product Spokesperson

“Angling Basics” – Consider your line, type of line choices and applicatons

Friday at 12:30pm
Sunday at 11:00am

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Saltwater Weather Forecasting for a Captain

Presented by Dave Tilley

Captain Dave Tilley of SaltwaterCentral.Com and the Wild Rover III teaching the do’s and don’ts of weather forecasting for a saltwater Captain. We will cover various weather models and forecasts and what they mean in the real world. Details of Significant wave height, period, wind speed and wind direction.

Saturday at 11:00am
Sunday at 3:30pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Creating the Perfect Fishing Boat

Presented by Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas, offshore fishing expert and marine professional discusses what it takes to have the perfect fishing machine. Whether it’s cooling plates in the fish box or underwater light and multiple Go-Pro pods, you are only limited by your imagination.

Scott Douglas, a member of the MarineMax of Wrightsville sales team, is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman. His fishing adventures have taken him to Alaska and other exciting locations. In addition to his hunting and fishing expeditions he loves offshore fishing..

Friday at 2pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Fishing Like a Pro For King Mackerel and Wahoo

Presented by Captain Eris Jones

This seminar features the 2015 Southern Kingfish Association National Champion Eris Jones. He provides offshore fishing expertise on fishing for Kings and Wahoo the way the Pros do.

Captain Eris Jones is a lifelong North Carolina Native. A few years ago Eris left his career as an E.M.T. and plunged head first into his fishing career. In 2015 he won the SKA National Championship. Today he is one of the most well known seminar speakers in the Carolinas.

Saturday at 12:30pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Fishing For Fall Trout

Presented by Captain Jamie Rushing

Captain Jamie Rushing brings his many years of Speckled Trout fishing to this seminar. The event will include the conditions that make fall fishing the best. Jamie will also cover things you need to know when it comes to understanding the feeding and biting habits of the fall trout.

Captain Jamie Rushing of Seagate Charters is known for his smile and good nature as well as being one of the most successful Speckled Trout anglers on the Carolina Coast. His ability to understand and respond to the feeding habits and migration of the trout has played a significant role in his fishing and speaking success.

Saturday at 3:30pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Fishing for Cape Fear Redfish

Presented by Captain Amanda King

Amanda King’s seminar covers how you can reap the reward of the Cape Fear River Redfish fishery. She will provide info on fishing the tides, rips and shoals of the Lower Cape Fear where the big reds live and eat.

Captain Amanda King is an up and coming fishing guide out of Carolina Beach, NC. She comes armed with a degree in Marine Sciences and years of competitive fishing history. She owns and operates Second Wind Charters and specializes in light tackle fishing.

Saturday at 2pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Sight Fishing For Reds and Trout

Presented by Captain Rennie Clark

Take your fishing skills to the next level with great tips by competitive angler Rennie Clark on sight fishing. His presentation will school you on stalking and spotting fun species like Redfish and Trout

Captain Rennie Clark is a well known Carolina’s fishing guide, competitor and winner of the Elite Redfish Tournament Trail. He is also the host of his own fishing podcast

Sunday at 12:30pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Flounder Fishing Tactics

Presented by Captain Lee Parsons

Captain Lee Parsons will share his vast flounder fishing experience with detailed rigging tips and the signs that tell flounder are near. His presentation will include info on the preferred conditions and environment for catching flounder.

Captain Lee Parsons is one of the Carolina’s most iconic light tackle fishing guides. He is known as the “Grand Old Man” of inshore fishing, not because of his age, but due to his detailed knowledge and contribution to the sport. His seminars are nearly always standing room only

Sunday at 2pm

Located in Convention Center Meeting Rooms 103/104

Onslow Bay Bottom Fishing Tactics: Fall Grouper, snapper and Jumbo Black Sea Bass

Presented by Captain Rod Bierstedt

This seminar offers the expertise of 25 year veteran of charter fishing, Captain Rod Bierstedt of  On My Way Charters. His presentation will cover how to locate and fish prime offshore fishing structures such as ledges and underwater bumps that attract bait and larger fish. Captain Beirstedt will address how to find, rig and catch species like Grouper, Snapper and much more. 

Captain Rod Bierstedt has been a charter captain for over 25 years. He is a well known member of the Coastal Carolina fishing speaking circuit and speaks at many events such as fishing schools and fishing clubs. He brings years of experience as a charter and commercial fisherman and well known for his dynamic presentations on topics of fishing offshore structure and offshore trolling. 

Sunday at 1:15pm
Located in Convention Center Room 102

Understanding Bilge Pumps

Presented by Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS

Capt. Wayne Canning lives on his Irwin 40 VAYU, in Cape Coral FL. Wayne grew up on Long Island sound and began messing with boats at an early age. An avid sailor and cruiser with thousands of miles under his keel, Wayne has worked in the marine industry as a designer and engineer as well as having had years of hands on experience building and repairing yachts of all types. A marine professional for more than 45 years he is now a self employed Marine Surveyor, delivery skipper, and freelance boating writer as well as being a consultant/project manager for major repairs and restorations. Wayne has written technical and how to articles for publications such as SAIL, Cruising World, Soundings, Bluewater Sailing, Good Old Boat, and is a contributing editor with Ocean Navigator magazine. Wayne has just released his first book “Fiberglass Boat Restoration” through Seahorse publishing.

Although not considered a very glamorous part of any boat, bilges pumps are often key to remaining afloat. Capt. Wayne explains the many different types of bilge pumps, there uses, and how to properly install them for greatest efficiency. Along with bilges pumps high water alarms are your first defense should your vessel begin taking on water. Understanding a good high water alarm system is as important as a good pump system. With many years’ experience building and repairing boats Capt. Wayne will help you understand these sometimes confusing systems in simple terms to keep you and your crew safe and dry.

Saturday at 2:45 pm
Meeting Room 102


Captain Kevin Hennessey was chosen for the second time as outstanding sailing Instructor and outstanding sailing school by American Sailing Association, most recently 2015. He was one of 15 out of 2,500 instructors chosen. Kevin’s commitment to teaching sailing shows through the reviews that his students give him on his face book page for Cape Fear Sailing Academy. His dedication to getting people on the water has made his school one of the elite schools in the country. Come to a seminar to learn the sailing basics from the best.

Captain Kevin Hennessey is a Master Power Boating Instructor for US Power Boating His hard work and dedication to safe power boat handling has made his power training facility in Southport one of the best in the country and the best in North Carolina. Go to his Facebook page at North Carolina Boat Rentals to read the wonderful reviews that his students have left. Come for a seminar at the boat show to learn from the best.

Friday – 4pm Power Boating
Saturday-11:30am Basics of Sailing
Saturday- 1pm Power Boating
Sunday – 3pm Basics of Sailing

Located in Convention Center Meeting Room 102

Tour the Cape Fear Community College Boat Building School

Located in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina along the Cape Fear River to the left of the Wilmington Convention Center. CFCC’s boat building school offers two programs designed to teach students the fundamentals to work in the boat building and repair industry. Graduates will have the skills needed to work for companies in boat building, boat repair or woodworking.

Wooden Boat Building Shop – Program Director: Mark Bayne

The CFCC Wooden Boat Building program prepares individuals for employment in the wooden boat manufacturing industry. Students complete all aspects of boat construction from lofting to launching. Graduates may find employment with yacht manufacturers or with other companies needing wood furniture or moldings fabricated and installed.

Boat Manufacture and Service – Program Director: John Olsen

The Boat Manufacture and Service program prepares students for employment in industries that use modern fiberglass boat construction techniques. The program is a member of the  American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC) Marine League of Schools and teaches students the fundamentals of boat service in the disciplines of plumbing, electrical, fiberglass and engine systems. Students find employment in commercial boat building industries, building boats using modern fiberglass techniques.

Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday 10 am -2pm

Location:  Follow Nutt Street walkway and located adjacent to the Wilmington Convention Center along the Cape Fear River 


Miss GEICO is headquartered in Riviera Beach, FL. In addition to competing for its 9th World Title, Miss GEICO participates in 20 National Boat Shows, 3 National Air Shows competing against the GEICO Skytypers, 4 National Poker Runs in the GEICO Caveman boat, 4 Nationally televised P-1 Powerboat Races, 10 AquaX jet ski races, and numerous charitable events assisting United We Race, Inc. our own 501 (c) (3) charity that distributes 100% of the proceeds to United States Veterans.   The Miss GEICO Offshore Race Team is hard at work and hungry to claim its 9th World Title against a long list of teams from Qatar, Norway, Australia, and the United States.”

Located in Battleship NC Park
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Marine Patrol Education Trailer

The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries Marine Patrol Education Team travels throughout the State of North Carolina educating recreational fishermen and the general public on sustainable fishing and protecting North Carolina’s natural resources.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Location – Battleship Park

Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club

Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club (WBOCC) formed in 2016 to provide the local paddling community with access to the unique challenge of outrigger canoeing.  Originally meant for travel across oceans and between islands, outrigger canoeing has become a highly competitive sport.  WBOCC trains men’s and women’s crews and has traveled from Florida to New York to compete in long distance races.  During the Wilmington Boat Show, WBOCC will host a traditional Hawaiian sprint race which consists of a quarter mile course involving one or three turns around buoys.  Dozens of crews will compete against each other in a round robin tournament to see who can claim fastest canoe!  The WBOCC Ohana (family) welcomes all attendees to the Wilmington Boat Show to our waterways and we hope they will enjoy our southern style Aloha.

Race Times:
Saturday 11am-2pm
Sunday 12pm-2pm

Located at Cape Fear River by the Marina and Pier

The Duke Ladd Trio

The Duke Ladd Trio returns to the Wilmington Boat Show!

This band is based out of Wilmington, NC playing jazz, 50s
and upbeat music for many years. With saxophone, keyboards and
drums, the Trio is very flexible and can cover a lot of musical styles
from Dave Brubeck jazz to rock-n-roll of the 50s and 60s to powerful
pop ballads. The diversity of this band will enlighten your day!

Battleship Park Music Schedule

11am-1pm – Vince Stout – Steel Drums
1pm-5:30pm Duke Ladd Trio with special guest Mike Waddell

11am-1pm Vince Stout – Steel Drums
1pm-5pm Bill Perks Trio with Amanda

Cross Creek Band

The Cross Creek Band is a critically acclaimed acoustic duo from the coastal Cape Fear region of North Carolina that provides acoustic duo renditions of an entertaining mix of cover songs from a wide variety of genres and eras such as: classic rock, modern rock, reggae, country, hip- hop/R&B, classic television theme songs, singalongs, original songs, and much more. Cross Creek Band is known for fun and versatile performances that may feature special guest “characters” & potential costume changes. Cross Creek Band is:

Dave Hervey – acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, lead & backing vocals, various sounds, etc.
Harry P. – custom mini drum set, percussion, backing & lead vocals, kazoo, various sounds, etc.

Cross Creek Band will be playing at the Thursday night VIP party


Time to give mommy and daddy a break.  Kids get your pent up energy out at the ever popular kids’ bouncy house.

Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Located at Battleship Park


Face painting at the Wilmington Boat Show!

Saturday 11am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm
Located in Battleship Park

Knot Tying Demonstrations

Stop by the Coastal Carolina Fisherman booth for knot tying demonstrations.

Saturday from 1pm-3pm
Located in Booth 51

Kicking off the 2017 Wilmington Boat Show with Willie Nelson on Tuesday, September 5th at “The Shell"

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